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HDD - Including LabourPrice
500GB HDDR 999
1TB HDDR 1,299
500GB 2.5"R 1,399
1TB HDD -WD BLUE 3.5" SATA 64MBR 1,899
RAM UpgradePrice
8GB RAM Kit 1600MHzR 2,599
8GB RAM Kit 1333MHzR 2,599
16GB Ram Kit 1600MHzR 3,699
16GB Ram Kit 1333MHzR 3,699
SSD - Including LabourPrice
250GB SSD drive - MacBook ProR 1,299
500GB SSD drive - MacBook ProR 2,399
240GB SSD Drive - MacBook AirR 2,999*
480GB SSD Drive - MacBook AirR 3,999
UPGRADE - (Dual Drives)Price
250GB Bundle (SSD, Caddy, Labour, OS)R 1,699
500GB Bundle (SSD, Caddy, Labour, OS)R 2,699