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The Experisure warranty will give you peace of mind that your most loved device is always taken care of for the period selected. A Service Fee of R200 will be charged for each and every repair.

1. Definitions:
1.1 Devices – Apple products sold to the End User by Experimax either as an in-store or on-line purchase.
1.2 End User – the customer who has purchased Apple products and accessories form Experimax. Throughout the Warranty we will refer to the End User as “You” / “Your” / “End User”
1.3 Device damage – the value of the repair of the device within the Warranty period.

2. General:
2.1 The Warranty is solely applicable to qualifying products purchased from Experimax for the value of the repair of the device within the Warranty period selected.
c) In the event that the device, when used as specified, fails and malfunctions and is assessed by Experimax for certain repairs, then the Experisure Warranty will apply and the End User’s device will be repaired free of charge or replaced subject to an initial service fee of R200.00 and subject to certain stipulated exclusions and a maximum repair cost per product type.

3. Warranty:
3.1 Hardware failure, Malfunction and Manufacturer defects are limited to 3 repairs in every 12-month Warranty period.
3.2 Replacement of a device due to non-repairable occurrences is limited to 1 replacement in every 12-month Warranty period.
3.3 One screen replacement per 12-month Warranty period applicable to cellular handsets only and subject to device being fitted with a screen protector and Protective Phone Case.

4. Repairs costs:
Repair cost consist of the actual cost of any replacement parts or components and labour charges at the prescribed labour rate and as prescribed and amended by Experimax SA from time to time:

Repair or replacement cost allowance –

The End User will not be paid in lieu for any repair costs. Neither will the End User have a claim for the balance of any repair costs not utilised during the selected warranty period or thereafter. A repair or replacement of a device will be subject to a specified maximum and or lesser amount payable which is directly linked to the purchase price of the device.

Should the End User decide to take out this warranty at a later stage, Experimax will conduct a diagnostic test and will provide an updated value for the device, which value will be linked to the undermentioned repair value chart.


Retail Pricing Repair Value

Product Type Product Value below R 10 000 Product Value between R 10 001 & R 20 000 Product Value above R 20 001
4.1 iPhone R 7 000 R 10 000 R 12 000
4.2 iPad R 7 000 R 10 000 R 14 000
4.3 iMac R 10 000 R 13 000 R 16 000
4.4 MacBook R 7 000 R 10 000 R 14 000
4.5 Apple Watch R 3 000 N/A N/A


5. The Repair process:
5.1 Contact your nearest Experimax store, and book in your device for assessment within 3 days of discovering that your device malfunctions.
5.2 Ensure that you receive a Booking Receipt and a copy of your Work Order Form.
5.3 Experimax will perform diagnostic testing upon booking in the device to determine the possible cause of any prevalent malfunction or device failure.
5.4 The technical team then advises End User on steps to take to resolve issues found on the damaged device and how the device will be repaired up to the agreed repair cost. In the unlikely event of repair costs exceeding the agreed maximum repair cost, the balance will be payable by the End User.
5.5 The Warranty is for specific device defects and failures from the date of purchase for a period of 12/24 continuous months as selected and will only be paid where the repair was undertaken by Experimax.

6. Exclusions:
6.1 Repairs submitted after the expiry of 3 days of discovery of the alleged malfunction and or defect.
6.2 Repairs found to be fraudulent where the End User has attempted to derive a benefit.
6.3 Where the malfunction occurred prior to the Warranty period start date and or after the expiry period as selected.
6.4 No retrospective repairable events which occurred prior to the implementation date of the purchase of device.
6.5 Any device damage and or loss which may be construed as an insurance claim which includes water damage, malicious damage, and impact damage such as dropping, bumping or any other form of impact related to accidental damage.
6.6 Any repair that involves data recovery and software recovery.
6.7 General wear and tear.
6.8 Any device that has been tampered with and or opened or compromised in any way.
6.9 Repairs where a device has been purchased from vendors other than the Experimax.
6.10 Any Warranty repair against repairs due to use of unlicensed software, computer viruses or similar destructive media introduced onto your device.
6.11 Where the End User’s device operating system is not up to date or in line with the requirements of the version of the Software.
6.12 In the event that clause 3’s repair limits are reached, you will be responsible for any repairs or replacement of the device.

7. Term of Warranty:
This Warranty is valid for either 12 or 24 months as a continuous period as selected from the date of purchase by the End User.

8. Good Faith:
This Warranty is given on the acceptance that all info provided is true and complete. Experimax acts on the info retrieved from the diagnostic tests.

9. Confidentiality:
9.1 Experimax respects the confidentiality of the End User’s personal information and will never misuse it.
9.2 Experimax will never share any information with any entity, natural person or third party unless we are provided with written permission to do so, other than enabling an Experimax outlet to perform their duties in terms of this Warranty agreement.
9.3 The End User agrees that Experimax may access any relevant personal information and share it with the specialists they employ to determine if the Warranty repair is valid for the approval of a Warranty repair.

10. Yearly Warranty Subscription Options:
10.1 Warranty for 12 months is 12% of the purchase price of the device.
10.2 Warranty for 24 months is 20% of the purchase price of the device.