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Tech Savvy Graduates make for perfect Experimax staff

Millennials, and members of the younger Generation Z, are entering the workforce at an alarming rate. Their knowledge of the tech space and owning smartphones way exceed any other generation. It’s no surprise, right? They grew up with it!

Generation Z is the first to have never known life without the internet or social media, which has shaped their attitudes and abilities to operate online. Gen Z are not just comfortable with rapidly changing technology – they are set to become the authoritative figures on technology in the modern workplace. Access to information online has reduced dependency on traditional teaching methods, enabling young individuals to teach themselves coding and other valuable IT skills. This entrepreneurial spirit makes for perfect potential Experimax sales personnel — knowledgeable staff who could easily understand customer issues and resolve them.

What our team members have to say:

“I believe Apple® is shaping the future, as in the past, now even more aggressively and at a faster tempo than before. Apple® is an evergrowing brand that is not only appealing to entrepreneurs but also all millennials that want to build successful careers.” – Marchant, Experimax Paarl Staff Member

“Working as a Millennial in a computer store helping out some of the older generation is definitely one of the many perks of working at Experimax. That sense of passing down knowledge to an elderly person just puts a smile on my face. Who knows what technology we might need help with in the future!’ – Abdullah, Experimax Stellenbosch

“With everything focused on technology it is sometimes hard to have meaningful or significant interactions with other people. That’s why I love working at Experimax because it gives me the platform to mix technology with humanity. – Malcolm, Experimax Paarl Staff Member.

Come and visit our stores, challenge our staff members and learn from each other. Our friendly Generation Z/Millennial staff would love to meet you!.