need new iphone camera

Do you really need a new iPhone?

Think for a second about the changes in cell phone technology over the past five years… They’ve gotten faster, batteries last a bit longer, and the cameras have gotten a bit sharper. Sweeping changes however, the kind that demand a new phone as soon as it is released, are truly far and few in between.

While updates and upgrades are always in the pipeline, there’s never been a better case for either fixing an older phone or buying certified pre-owned, instead of spending a ton of money on a new phone with marginal improvements.

So before you even think about falling for a new iPhone because it’s a “12” instead of an “X”, or “XS” version, ask yourself:

  1. Do you need to pay new phone prices to get a new phone? Of course not. Like a new car that just drove off the lot, a practically brand new certified pre-owned phone might give you a whole lotta phone for a whole lot less.
  2. Is a new phone a need or a want? Most people who opt for a new phone already have a phone that works and works well. But if you want an upgrade, buy certified pre-owned and save your cash for that new Apple Watch.
  3. How marginal are the upgrades? Like we said, is the battery, camera and speed upgraded enough to justify a R22,000 expense right now? Not really…
  4. Can your existing phone be improved or optimized? Easy way to get an answer at no cost? bring it in we’ll be happy to look at it.
  5. Are you throwing out the broom with the dust? Don’t buy a new phone over a cracked screen. we’ll fix it in the time it takes to grab a quick latte.
  6. Are you actually about to throw your old phone in the trash? Don’t! We will give you cash for it or help you upgrade to something newer.

You likely think there are only two options… keep your old phone or buy a new one… but trading in your old phone to get a certified pre-owned (upgraded) phone with every bell and whistle you crave is the one option that often makes the most sense. Visit your local Experimax, we’ll answer the call.