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Rev Up Your MacBook With These Three MacBook Tips

Our Macbooks do a lot of heavy lifting. They’re our home office, shopping mall, grocery store, movie theater – you get the idea. Without these essential devices, we would be disconnected from our day-to-day. Life doesn’t slow down for a slow MacBook, so we’ve provided three quick and easy tips that will help take your device’s speed from tortoise to hare in no time.

MacBook Tips

Delete Unused Programs & Apps
Unless your Mac is freshly unboxed, you’ve probably acquired a not- so-healthy list of applications and programs that you rarely use or never use at all. Removing non-essential software, like games you don’t play anymore or apps that you’ve tried but no longer use, is a fast and effective way to give your laptop a much-needed boost.

Assess Programs & Apps That Start Automatically
It is also likely that you’ve picked up several applications and programs that will automatically start when your device does. As the number increases, your Mac’s speed will start to dwindle. To see which programs and apps have this automatic start feature on Windows® OS, open your Settings and choose Apps and Start-Up. This will give you a bird’s-eye view of which programs are automatically starting. For Mac® OS, go to your System Preferences and choose Users & Groups. Then, click Login Items.

Ramp Up Your MacBook’s Storage Space
Having limited storage space will slow your laptop’s speed dramatically. This is especially true if you are using multiple programs and applications at once. Having a portable hard drive, in addition to your computer’s internal storage space, is a simple and effective way to keep your device purring like a kitten.

These are just a few of the ways you can rev up your Mac’s speed on your own. But if you’re looking to give it a thorough overhaul, bring it to Experimax. Our friendly technicians will give your laptop a free diagnostic check, and get it back to you same day. We look forward to talking tech!