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Some of your favourite companies started out of a garage, including us. We began as a family business, just a father and his sons fixing and selling Apple products in their community. Once the neighbours began to complain, we decided to move into our first retail location in West Palm Beach, Florida, back in 2012. Since then, while things have changed a lot around here, our focus on providing outstanding customer service in every community has stayed the same.

From Houston to Atlanta to Seattle, Sydney and now South Africa, the Experimax brand is reaching all corners of the globe with no signs of slowing. If there is not an Experimax in your community, it is only a matter of time. If you have an Experimax nearby, stop in and get to know your local Mac hero today while checking out an impressive selection of affordably priced Apple products, accessories and our wide range of related services.

Locally, in South Africa, Experimax is the innovator in technology sales and service, specializing in highly coveted Premium Pre-Owned Apple products. The original retail location opened its door in December 2016 at Willowbridge Centre in Cape Town. Since inception, we have grown to six retail locations (Sep 2019) in some of the most exciting malls in South Africa, and now offer customers the convenience of online shopping, while browsing through our extensive range of carefully selected and graded, premium pre-owned electronics.

Experimax specialises in pre-owned Apple products and accessories, making repairs, taking trade-ins, and providing software and system updates and upgrades.

"We make Apple affordable cause we believe in the brand and know that this was a unique opportunity to bring this international Apple franchise to South African shores. You are Welcome!"

Julian Nieuwoudt - CEO ExperimaxSA



We buy Pre-Owned Apple devices from our customers


Our high end stores provide the perfect platform for loyal Apple customers to buy Premium Pre-Owned Apple products and accessories


We offer our customers the opportunity to trade their current Apple device in for cash or an upgrade


We have inhouse technicians that can repair a faulty Apple device instore leaving the customer to stay and browse our store or those in the mall


We offer our customers the opportunity to upgrade their current Apple device for a newer model